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Financial Management Beyond The Numbers

See the bigger picture and discover your POWER!

At LBL Financial Services, we understand that one size does not fit all and that your values and your business are unique. Our financial management advisors work with you to customize a strategic plan specifically designed to provide a clear understanding of your business needs now for a successful future.

LBL Financial Services is the trusted partner for businesses that are:

In The High Growth Stage

Want To Increase Profitability

Have Reached A Plateau in Their Business

This trusted partnership allows us to explore various opportunities for you to tap into your “POWER” and achieve financial success with overall mental and financial well-being for you and your organization.

Ready to explore your POWER?

Give us a little info and get started on the path to peace of mind.

Providing personal concierge accountant services to a wide variety of businesses.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

DeeDee Smith


Soggy Paws Mobile Spa

Kelly actually took the time to research my business not just the finances either but actually what I do so that she can better help me with my finances and make suggestions. She’s been a godsend and keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Dr. Burchell Love

CEO / Owner

Love Learning Center & Mama Lucy’s Catering

I’ve known Kelly for over 15 years and I met Kelly through a business partner of mine years ago. I was very impressed on our first meeting when she was able to tell me about her organization her team and her goals and her understanding of various businesses in the area of Chicago.

Paul Wargaski


Paul Wargaski Violins

LBL has help me grow this business from a one-man operation in an 800 square-foot studio to triple that amount, including a tripling of our gross income over the years last 10 years.

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